• Oneness Teachings

  • Oneness Teaching in Basic English

    I’ve become engaged lately in the question of how to use language — which by its very nature and purpose differentiates things from one another — to explain or teach Oneness. It has seemed to me over the years that

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  • Once Again, Oneness Would Resolve War

    Once Again, Oneness Would Resolve War

    I am reminded daily that by the relatively simple — but not easy — adoption of the acceptance of the Truth of Oneness of All That Is, we humans could avoid so much conflict. American humanitarian air supply protected by

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  • When Prosperity = Enoughness

    When Prosperity = Enoughness

    My good friend Rev. Vicky Elder and I have been working for the last several months on a new course on the subject of Prosperity. During the last several decades, a number of spiritual teachers have developed such courses, primarily

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  • Interfaith

  • Interfaith Teachings

    I sometimes refer to this aspect of my studies and teachings as “interspiritual” because “interfaith” is often used to describe efforts at creating tolerance rather than appreciation and understanding, which is what I’m most interested in.

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  • What Does it Mean to ‘Take Up Your Cross’?

    In one of the many online forums in which I am active, a fellow member posted a thoughtful note about the meaning of the phrase, “take up your cross”. This is a common and very powerful metaphor in Christianity. When

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