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  • Global New Thought Statement on Orlando Massacre

    The shocking massacre of 49 mostly young, mostly gay, mostly Hispanic people at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando over the weekend sent many of us in the spiritual world reeling. In its wake, the Association for Global New Thought

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  • There is No Evil Force

    There is No Evil Force

    My spiritual path includes the belief that there is no such thing as an evil force in the Universe. There is, to be sure, evil behavior on the part of sentient beings capable of making moral choices and acting on those choices.

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  • This Anti-Gay “Pastor” Needs to Reread Romans

    A virulently anti-gay fundamentalist preacher named Kevin Swanson  has unleashed the fury of the Almighty in calling for the death penalty for all practicing homosexuals in America. He cites as his primary Scriptural justification for this decidedly unloving and therefore unChristian

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