Alan Watts Offers Great Meditation for Beginners

I just spent about 13 minutes in meditation with Alan Watts, the famed Western Zen teacher, courtesy of a YouTube recording. Watts, who died in 1973, spent his life and career popularizing Eastern mystical and metaphysical teachings and practices.

In this video, he offers one of the simplest and most attainable approaches to beginning meditation I’ve heard. He suggests that we listen to the sounds around us as if they were mere noise, not attempting to understand or explicitly dismiss them, just being with them and allowing them to “play with our eardrums.” Then he suggests that we allow our breathing to proceed as it will, not trying to force it into a particular rhythm or pattern, and observe what happens to it.

I observed myself as I listened to this guided meditation, drifting into a fairly deep meditative state quite effortlessly. His voice and the background sounds became indistinct on a conscious level; they were, as he suggested, merely noises. Quite an interesting achievement.

I will listen to more of his recordings on meditation, of which there seem to be quite a number on YouTube.

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