Answers to Some Frequent Questions About I AM and Affirmative Prayer

q-and-aQ. I recently began attending a  metaphysical church  and began reading books by Eric Butterworth, Ernest Holmes, etc. I have a few quick questions. I read on your website and in your book about positive affirmative prayer- rather than asking God- does it mean to Pray as if I already possess or have the thing or attribute I want?

A. Yes, it means acknowledging that the thing or attribute you want is already in the process of manifesting in your life. Even if you can’t see it fully yet, knowing that the Universe (God) wants to give you everything you want and need and that because it is within you, it already knows your wants and needs, this form of prayer is powerful. Famed mystic Meister Eckhart said, “If the only prayer you ever said was ‘Thank you’, it would be enough.”

Q. When I am praying , now that I better understand Luke 17:21 , am I praying to the God presence within me to manifest and express rather than my ego?

A. Correct.

Q. During my I AM meditations is it enough for me to mentally affirm The I AM statements important to me or should I also be softly whispering it?

A. Whatever makes you more comfortable and joyful. There are no “rules” about praying! It is a highly individualized spiritual practice.

Q. Lastly, throughout my day at work Etc, mentally affirming the IAM I want to express through me is a good supplement to quiet meditation with it?

A. Absolutely! Meditation is but one method or approach to affirmative prayer. You can live your whole life as if it were an affirmative prayer and you will benefit greatly from doing so.

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