Are Spirit Guides and Channeled Sources “Real”?

I am often asked by spiritual path coaching clients and others whether spirit guides, channeled teachings and other wisdom and guidance that seems to come from sources outside of us is “real” or “legitimate”. I have generally answered in a somewhat indirect way, allowing for the possibility of such guidance and its reality to the recipient without dealing directly with the nature or substance of the seeming source

In my morning meditation today I gained some real clarity about this subject.

I have had many such experiences over the years, enjoying the counsel of two spirit guides from my experience studying the Silva Method, being a fan of Abraham Hicks (a channeled being), and other such events. I know two people who channel Quan Yin, a Buddhist deity who speaks through many people today. From all of these sources and many others, I have received valuable wisdom and guidance.

These sources, or channels, are all, I now believe, different manifestations or instances of my own Divine I AM, which is to say of Eternal Divine Mind Essence. They come into each of our lives in the situation where we need that particular instance to enable us to hear the counsel being offered. If we received the same information directly through our own internal experience in meditation and contemplation, we might be inclined to dismiss it as being “made up”. Until we come to recognize our own eternal Oneness with Divine Mind, knowing that we have access to all wisdom and knowledge and counsel without intermediation, we need these notions of other sources.

Now this is not to say that those sources aren’t “real” in the sense of their appearance to and in us. They seem real, they feel real, and in the case of channeling their appearance often both looks and sounds different from what we expect from those who channel the messages. Esther Hicks transforms physically and vocally when she goes into trance and channels Abraham. The two experiences I’ve seen with people channeling Quan Yin also transformed physically, though less dramatically than Esther. When I read works that are described as channeled such as A Course in Miracles and Conversations With God, I am aware that their authors often report a process of receiving information that seems transcendent, coming from an identifiable source (Jesus and God in those cases).

My inner guidance tells me that in all of these cases, the wisdom comes from the single source I refer to as Divine Mind and appears in many forms. The old saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears applies equally to spirit guides, channeled beings and other more ephemeral-seeming teachers. All of them are real in this timespace and in the telescoping/collapsing reality of No Time but in Eternal Reality there is only One of Us here and that includes all of these manifestations of wisdom and knowledge.

Or so I believe based on my Inner Being Guidance from this morning. As always, take what works and leave the rest here.


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