Brooding on Negative is Best Indicator of Depression, Study Finds

A major new British study reveals that the best single indicator of a person experiencing clinical depression is the degree to which an individual is “brooding too much on negative events.” The study by the UK Mental Health Foundation was summarized in a j0urnal article.

It will come as no surprise to spiritual students and practitioners of meditation and affirmative prayer that, “The research even suggests a person’s psychological response is a more important factor than what has actually happened to them.” In other words, when you co-create your experience of reality, you have a more important impact on your feelings and emotions than the events to which you are reacting.

“We found that people who didn’t ruminate or blame themselves for their difficulties had much lower levels of depression and anxiety, even if they’d experienced many negative events in their lives,” says Peter Kinderman, who led the study and is a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Liverpool.

Using the Power of your I AM and following the affirmative model I teach in my book, The Power of I AM would appear to be capable of reducing the likelihood of you experiencing depression, regardless of the circumstances of your life.

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