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“A Course in Miracles”

Dan is a popular, respected Teacher of “A Course in Miracles” and the author of a book on the Course.

Forgiveness and Pointing Out Others’ Errors

I really like this observation from Liz Cronkhite at the ACIM Mentor Blog. Her writings are among the clearest on the Web, particularly when it comes to the practical application of Course principles. The errors to which A Course in Miracles refers are errors of mind, not errors of behavior. You do not have to […]

Meditation: Shift Into a Miracle`

Delivered at Unity Monterey Bay March 16, 2008 Length: 6:12 [wpdm_file id=11]  

Why “I See Only the Past”, Scientifically

Lesson 7, “I See Only the Past,” describes itself as “particularly difficult to believe at first.”My experience is that all of the Lessons that deal with the re-orientation of our understanding of Time can be challenging. In addition to the spiritual and metaphysical reasoning behind these teachings, there is also a scientific angle that I […]

ACIM Conference Was Life-Changing, Insightful, Delightful

The annual conference on A Course in Miracles sponsored by the Miracles Distribution Center in Southern California was an amazing, exciting and life-changing event. This was the first MDC conference I’d attended and I was surprised by some of what I saw and experienced, thrilled at the speakers and recharged by the messaging.