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“Power of I AM” Book

Dan’s first published spiritual book teaches you how to use a powerful but simple meditation as well as how to use the I AM power phrase in your daily life. This post describes the book in more detail and provides you with a links to buy the book and download related content. Just click the “View Post” link below to see all the details!

Coming Soon: Power of I AM Healing

Fans and readers of my book, The Power of I AM may be interested to know that I’m working on a new title in what I intend to be a series of books based on the I AM principle and teachings. My next book, The Power of I AM Healing, is tentatively scheduled for release in January 2016.

Free Introductory eBook to the I AM Meditations Now Available!

In his book, The Power of I AM: Claiming your inherent power to consciously create a life of purpose, meaning, and joy, Dan teaches a radically simple method of meditation which he was inspired to offer to the world a number of years ago. He teaches not just the technique, but also a great deal of […]

An Affirmation in Jewish Scripture

I ran across this quotation this morning. Until now, I hadn’t been aware of any place in the Bible where the use of affirmations was taught or suggested. But here is a quotation from Joel 3:10: “Let the weak man say, ‘I am strong’.” Interestingly, this admonition follows immediately after the far more famous mandate […]

Front cover of Second Edition of Dan Shafer's "The Power of I AM"

Power of I AM, Second Edition, Now Available!

I am most pleased to announce that the new, revised and enlarged Second Edition of my book The Power of I AM: Claiming your inherent power to consciously create a lit of purpose, meaning, and joy, is now available both in print and in several electronic formats. You can go to my book Web site […]

Brooding on Negative is Best Indicator of Depression, Study Finds

A major new British study reveals that the best single indicator of a person experiencing clinical depression is the degree to which an individual is “brooding too much on negative events.” The study by the UK Mental Health Foundation was summarized in a j0urnal article. It will come as no surprise to spiritual students and […]

Answers to Some Frequent Questions About I AM and Affirmative Prayer

Answers to Some Frequent Questions About I AM and Affirmative Prayer

Q. I recently began attending a  metaphysical church  and began reading books by Eric Butterworth, Ernest Holmes, etc. I have a few quick questions. I read on your website and in your book about positive affirmative prayer- rather than asking God- does it mean to Pray as if I already possess or have the thing or […]

Meditation: Who Do I Think I AM?

Delivered at Unity Monterey Bay July 16, 2006 Length: 4:53 [wpdm_file id=15]

Meditation: Who and What Am I?

Delivered at Unity of Monterey Bay November 16, 2008 Length: 6:03 [wpdm_file id=14]  

To Whom Should a Prayer in Oneness Be Addressed?

The question to whom we should address our prayers if we are Oneness followers comes up quite frequently in my conversations with others and with my students and coaching clients. It turns out the answer is simpler than we might think. I’ve heard a great many prayers uttered publicly by people who at least believe […]

Gorgeous, Engaging I AM Video

This is one of those rare gems, a beautiful audio-visual experience that takes less than four minutes to watch and that I’m sure some will find breathtaking, others will find inspiring, still others will find life-changing, and some will find it all three. It is from the “Twin Flames” Erica and Dwayne at Harmonic Utopia.