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Head shot of Neale Donald Walsch

Peddling Shortcuts to Enlightenment Is Dishonest Pandering

I found myself today reacting negatively to an email I received from Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations With God series of books. I started out as a big fan of this apparently wise man but in recent years, like so many of his contemporaries, he seems to have become caught up in the […]

Cover of A Course in Miracles

“We don’t have to hate Donald Trump to stop his rise to power.”

D. Patrick Miller, publisher of Fearless Books, this morning released a personal essay on the subject of Donald Trump which I consider immensely valuable and well worth the time (approximately 35 minute) to read. Basing his reflections on the teachings of A Course in Miracles, Miller begins with the observation that it is almost certainly true […]

Global New Thought Statement on Orlando Massacre

The shocking massacre of 49 mostly young, mostly gay, mostly Hispanic people at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando over the weekend sent many of us in the spiritual world reeling. In its wake, the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) adopted the following statement by one of its directors. I find it an eloquent […]

There is No Evil Force

There is No Evil Force

My spiritual path includes the belief that there is no such thing as an evil force in the Universe. There is, to be sure, evil behavior on the part of sentient beings capable of making moral choices and acting on those choices. So far as we can see, that evil is limited to the human race, but we […]

This Anti-Gay “Pastor” Needs to Reread Romans

A virulently anti-gay fundamentalist preacher named Kevin Swanson  has unleashed the fury of the Almighty in calling for the death penalty for all practicing homosexuals in America. He cites as his primary Scriptural justification for this decidedly unloving and therefore unChristian stance Romans 1:32. But as is so often the case with people who preach a […]

One General’s Take on Why Sikhs Should Be Allowed to Serve in Military

A decades-old dress code policy makes it all but impossible for Sikh men to be active in the U.S. military service without compromising a core belief of their faith. These 27 retired generals think that should be changed. I agree.

Climate Scientists “Discover” Earth Transformation Prospects

Scientists have re-discovered and confirmed another ancient truth about science and the Cosmos: Earth will not be destroyed by climate change but it will be transformed and emerge as a completely different, as yet unpredictable, place. Whether humanity can sufficiently adapt and evolve quickly enough to avoid being one of the millions of species rendered extinct […]

CatholicVote Video on Same-Sex Marriage Is Great Propaganda released a video this week that is a masterful example of the art of propaganda. And I mean that in a positive-neutral sense; I appreciate and understand good propaganda. It has its place in the pantheon of communications techniques. The video is discussed — not objectively, I should warn you — at Huffington Post […]

Huckabee: Alternative to Wealth is "Waiting for Government Rescue"

Huckabee: Alternative to Wealth is “Waiting for Government Rescue”

Mike Huckabee is a politician-pastor who will announce Tuesday that he’s a candidate — again — for the Republican nomination for President in 2016. I have nothing against deeply spiritual or religious people being active in politics, including running for office. But Pastor Huckabee betrays a woeful ignorance about the connection between Christian thought, government […]

No, Gov. Jindal, Islam Doesn’t Have a Problem. Fundamentalism Does

Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal, a possible candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 2016, said in a speech in London last week, “Let’s be honest here, Islam has a problem.” His point is that unless a vast majority of Muslims denounce terrorism committed in the name of the religion and say clearly that those who […]

Corporate Interest in Mindfulness Up, But Not Very Deep

According to this piece on a Wall Street Journal blog, interest in mindfulness practice is on the increase in American corporate culture, although it is still seen as a secular activity that can’t be allowed to have a negative impact on short-term profit margins. Those firms that are giving mindfulness some room to experiment — […]

"Buddha from Babylon" Author Interviewed

“Buddha from Babylon” Author Interviewed

My good friend and spiritual compatriot Harvey Kraft, author of the amazing book The Buddha from Babylon, was recently interviewed on Conscious Evolution Media’s Internet TV show by host Steve Toth. In the one-hour discussion, the two covered an amazingly wide range of topics from the nature of time and the identity of Self to the history […]

Insightful Piece on "Religion" and Science from a Muslim Woman's Perspective

Insightful Piece on “Religion” and Science from a Muslim Woman’s Perspective

This piece on today is one of the clearest and most cogent bits of writing on the subject of “religious vs science” that I have read in a good many years. Ms. Sana Saeed points out two vital issues in the so-called debate about scientism vs. religion in modern society. First, she reminds us […]

Roger Ebert: An 'Atheist' and a Death Bed Vision

Roger Ebert: An ‘Atheist’ and a Death Bed Vision

Famed film critic Roger Ebert was widely thought by friends and colleagues to be an atheist . Although he himself apparently never owned that label, and in fact rejected all attempts to put a tag on his spiritual beliefs, if any, the fact that he talked little if at all about matters religious or spiritual led […]

Kindness and Generosity Courtesy of Small Indian Boy

This very short film will give you pause to wonder how an excruciatingly poor boy can see a need for generosity in the world and meet it without fanfare or gratitude while we quibble over whether someone who is poor and unemployed should be “given” unemployment insurance benefits they’ve earned.  

Brooding on Negative is Best Indicator of Depression, Study Finds

A major new British study reveals that the best single indicator of a person experiencing clinical depression is the degree to which an individual is “brooding too much on negative events.” The study by the UK Mental Health Foundation was summarized in a j0urnal article. It will come as no surprise to spiritual students and […]

Deepak’s Son’s “Holy Facts” Segment on Technology is Quick, Well-Done Overview

Deepak Chopra’s son Gotham has an Internet TV show called “Holy Facts” that is distributed through his father’s expansive online media empire. His most recent episode is about the intersection of spirituality and technology and is definitely worth watching. With a nice humorous touch, Gotham Chopra discusses smartphone apps that have a spiritual purpose or […]

Many Universes Hypothesis Gets Huge Boost From New Planck Study Results

Many Universes Hypothesis Gets Huge Boost From New Planck Study Results

The big news in the world of science today was the announcement of a new set of results from the Planck satellite mapping enterprise. The entire story is fascinating, at least to me, and I found the Huffington Post’s coverage to be the most approachable and yet comprehensive, so if you’re interested, you might want […]