CatholicVote Video on Same-Sex Marriage Is Great Propaganda released a video this week that is a masterful example of the art of propaganda. And I mean that in a positive-neutral sense; I appreciate and understand good propaganda. It has its place in the pantheon of communications techniques. The video is discussed — not objectively, I should warn you — at Huffington Post in a biting article that is also excellent propaganda.

In the documentary-style video, a number of “talking heads” appear separately on the screen, apparently divulging some deep, dark secret of their lives that they feel may subject them to bigotry and discrimination. Given the timing and the subtle wording (propaganda, remember), the viewer draws the conclusion these are probably gay people talking about “coming out.” As the piece unfolds, it becomes clear that these people are talking about the fears they have regarding how they will be treated when people find out they believe a marriage can only take place between one man and one woman.

The analytical piece in HuffPo by Domenick Scudera calls out this piece as being “offensive” for at least eight excellent and well-argued reasons. I would say it is more than offensive. Because it takes a social issue and makes a theological issue out of it and then substantially distorts the topic’s boundaries and meaning, the CatholicVote video is closer to despicable. It not-so-subtly carries the absolutely disproven idea that homosexuality is simply a lifestyle choice to an extreme and tries to make the bigotry LGBTQs face in many aspects of their daily lives equal to the criticism of bigotry that can and should be rightfully placed at the feet of those who espouse these unChristian, inhumane ideas about gays.

The analysis by Professor Scudera is one of the most insightful and clear-headed understandings of the issues involved in this debate that I’ve read. Those who are depicted in the video, on the other hand, show an allergy to fact, truth, faith and justice that is breath-taking in its over simplicity.

People like those behind the site and its activities are fighting their own Supreme Pontiff as they demonstrate the bigotry of which they are afraid to be called into account. It is important for me and others interested in preaching the Gospel of Oneness to call out these bigots whenever and wherever they appear.


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