Deepak’s Son’s “Holy Facts” Segment on Technology is Quick, Well-Done Overview

Deepak Chopra’s son Gotham has an Internet TV show called “Holy Facts” that is distributed through his father’s expansive online media empire. His most recent episode is about the intersection of spirituality and technology and is definitely worth watching.

With a nice humorous touch, Gotham Chopra discusses smartphone apps that have a spiritual purpose or angle, how churches use technology and ends with the question of whether for some of us technology is itself a spiritual path or even a Divinity. Along the way, he talks about technologies that, among other things, allow Catholics to not only “do” confession but even to keep track of the sins they commit that require confessing, and allow people to send prayers via an iPhone app to a rabbi who writes them down and places them into crevices in the Western Wall in Jerusalem. (The confession app even helps you think of sins you might have committed but not realized, with the selection based on your age, gender and occupation. Wow. That feels weird.)

It’s instructive as well to read the comments the segment generated. Those that aren’t just “good job” kinds of responses include some bizarre thinking (technology as a tool Satan is using to distract us from spirituality!?).

Technology is amoral and spirituality-neutral. It is the specific applications of technology that carry the potential of moral suasion or spiritual influence.

At the same time, I agree with Llewellyn Vaughan Lee, the Sufi master and author, that the Internet is a sort of practice run for humanity to train us in dealing with the ultimate Unity of and with All That Is. As a tool, it can facilitate thinking beyond Self and seeing ourselves as deeply intertwingled with other members of our race. Whether we see it that way or not is, of course, up to us and our perspective.

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