Free Introductory eBook to the I AM Meditations Now Available!

In his book, The Power of I AM: Claiming your inherent power to consciously create a life of purpose, meaning, and joy, Dan teaches a radically simple method of meditation which he was inspired to offer to the world a number of years ago. He teaches not just the technique, but also a great deal of background that deepens and enriches your use of this powerful technique that has helped many people meditate for the first time in their lives after years of trying other approaches.

Dan is thoroughly committed to making this meditation technique as widely available as possible. He hopes to reach 5 million people with his message in the next two years. To further that aim, he has written and published a free eBook entitled The Power of I AM: A Guide to the Meditations, which you can download at the link below. The eBook is packaged with three audio files, each of which is a complete I AM meditation focused on the subjects of love, peace and joy.

Download the I AM Meditations Introductory eBook & audio package using this link:

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