Helpful Meditation Technique

Mindful meditation requires that we acknowledge the random thoughts that often arise in our minds when we are trying to be still and silent and then release them, returning to the present moment of the Eternal Now.

One technique I’ve found quite helpful in accomplishing this recently is to ask myself, each time a stray thought wanders in, “Am I doing or being?” If my thought is about doing — which means it is about the physical, about the ego self carrying out some task or engaging with some thing — then I gently remind myself, “Return to being.” This enables me to shift my focus to the Higher Self, away from the physical and toward the spiritual.

As suggested by teachers of mindfulness, this involves no judgment. It is not that being is better than doing. It is simply that, for this now moment, I have chosen to be rather than to do, to focus my thought and energy on the Now rather than in the past where all doing has taken place or to the future where some doing is yet to be done.

I hope you find this idea helpful.


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