Introduction to the Path

 Oneness and Parallel Holographic Universes

There is only One of Us here.

The One of Us Manifests Infinitely.

In those two statements are summarized the thoughts and teachings which I have developed and written about for the past 15 years of my Spiritual Journey in this spacetime continuum, or what we think of as our particular universe.

Those who wish to travel along this path to realization of the Self as One With All That Is and of that Self incarnate in an infinite number of Parallel Holographic Universes (PHUs) are welcome. The path is ever-unfolding, just as Spirit is, and it will be an exciting and dynamic journey not a path to a static and pre-defined destination on which you embark.

This document provides a very high-level overview of the best current process by which one may embark upon this path and pursue it. Each of its points is or will be further elucidated in layered documents and experiences through which the fellow traveler and I will explore the Truth, the Meaning and the Importance of the tenets of this teaching.

First Readings

The beginning point for gaining a basic understanding of this path is an essay entitled “Thoughts on the Origins of Separateness” which I first wrote in 2002 and have since revised more or less continuously. While many of the ideas it contains have since been expanded considerably by subsequent writings, it remains the foundational document of my teachings.

The second introductory paper the newcomer to this path should read is entitled “Energy Patterns, Source and Soul”.

Between the two of these papers, not only will you get a good basic grounding in the thought system I offer but you can also see (or perhaps just sense) some of the evolution the system has undergone in the past seven or so years.

By signing up for a free Browser Membership to this community, you will receive links to those two documents so that you may download and read them at your leisure. If their message resonates with you and you wish to become part of this One Mind Fellowship to explore those ideas more deeply, I invite you to sign up for a Seeker Membership. This will open the entire library of my writings to you, many of them free. You will also be empowered to engage in dialog with me and other Seekers in the community as you seek to explore and expand your spiritual horizon.

NOTE that Seeker Memberships will be available soon. By signing up as a free member now, you will be notified by email as soon as the full memberships can be purchased.

Having read these documents – and indeed during the course of reviewing them – I encourage you to email me with questions, observations, suggestions, challenges, disagreements, and other reactions. This dialogic process is absolutely central to my method of teaching. Without such interaction and conversation, the teachings become stale.

Over time, I intend to add other ways of communicating among students and fellow travelers on this path.

And so I offer this modest beginning of what I hope can become a fruitful, uplifting and enlightening experience for all involved.

I AM a divine eternal spiritual being choosing to use this lifetime to teach the Oneness of All That Is through the practices of unconditional love and absolute forgiveness. And in that spirit, I bid you

Om, Shanti and Namsté


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