Many Universes Hypothesis Gets Huge Boost From New Planck Study Results

The big news in the world of science today was the announcement of a new set of results from the Planck satellite mapping enterprise. The entire story is fascinating, at least to me, and I found the Huffington Post’s coverage to be the most approachable and yet comprehensive, so if you’re interested, you might want to check it out.

Quick Video Look at Planck Satellite’s Mission

Planck_CMB_400x202But the really significant portion of the findings in the context of my own spiritual teachings was the tremendous boost the results give to the so-called “many universes” explanation for the principles of quantum physics. I have been a fascinated student and follower of this idea since I first read of it many years ago. In fact, it is central to my own cosmological model and teachings which I’ve called the Parallel Holistic Universe model. At this writing, I’ve only posted a tiny portion of my thinking and writing about that subject on this site, but more will be forthcoming quickly, so keep an eye out!

How does this new study bolster the many universes hypothesis?

Two of the hypothesis’s best-known theorists – Paul Steinhardt of Princeton and Andreas Albrecht of University of California Davis – had said before the announcement that they were sort of hoping that their inflation theory would not be bolstered. (Inflation is the theory that holds that in the microseconds following the Big Bang, the Universe expanded to its present size at a speed far faster than that of light.)

“That’s because taking inflation a step further leads to a sticky situation: An infinite number of universes,” the HuffPo article explained.

To make inflation work, that split-second of expansion may not stop elsewhere like it does in the observable universe, Albrecht and Steinhardt said. That means there are places where expansion is zooming fast, with an infinite number of universes that stretch to infinity, they said.

This is heady stuff that makes me positively giddy, which may tell you a lot more about me than you may have wanted to know.

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