My Cosmology: An Overview

In the beginning was Consciousness, manifesting as an infinite number of subatomic wave/particles and photons as Pure Energy. It was omnipresent. It was conscious but it was not self-conscious because it was a Unity which had nothing else of which to be conscious. As Divine Mind, it was perfect but not complete. It could feel itself and it felt wonderful, but it could not see itself. Unable to know Itself completely because it could not have physical experience, it chose to initiate the creation of a Universe. In No Time, It created by extending Itself.

Because like creates like, the Universe, too, was and is Consciousness. This Consciousness manifested partly in a field of gravity, which acted as a force to bring and bind together subatomic particles progressively into atomic particles, atoms, molecules, plant life, animal life and human life. All of these conscious energies vibrate at different frequencies. Some vibrate at speeds that allow their eventual detection by energies higher on the evolutionary scale.

As Divine Mind Consciousness created, expanded and evolved the Universe, It naturally passed its intelligence on to the portions of Itself it spun off into other entities and ultimately into living beings. These living entities underwent a birth-life-death-regeneration process. Upon their death, they returned to full presence with Divine Mind Consciousness, whose knowledge was expanded by the experiential knowledge gained in physical form.

The Universe continues to be created today and into the infinite future. To Divine Mind Consciousness, the entire creative process ended the instant it began, but those created entities that have awareness, have created time so that it appears linear and infinite.

One of the entities that was created is the orbiting body called by its dominant inhabitants, Earth.  Earth has in turn given rise to plant life, animal life and human life. All of these forms of life have consciousness and volition, though the range of choices available to each form differs from the others. Humans, being endowed not only with maximal choice but also with a memory from which they can discern between alternatives, are the highest life form yet to evolve on Earth. This does not mean evolution has ceased on the planet. Humanity continues to evolve, more in its consciousness than physically, and there is nothing to suggest a yet higher form of life or consciousness might not yet evolve from humanity.

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