Once Again, Oneness Would Resolve War

many_paths_to_onenessI am reminded daily that by the relatively simple — but not easy — adoption of the acceptance of the Truth of Oneness of All That Is, we humans could avoid so much conflict.

American humanitarian air supply protected by U.S. military airpower dropped food, water, medicine and other necessities into the region near the important Iraqi city of Erbil on Wednesday in an effort o break the siege being conducted by the al Qaeda splinter group Islamist State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The ultra-violent group has been rampaging throughout Syria and Iraq in recent months, sweeping tens of thousands of members of minority religious sects before them. Over 40,000 victims are presently under siege in a small mountain chain near the strategically important city of Erbil.

The United States military actions are apparently aimed not at breaking the siege but at protecting American interests — primarily oil company employees and their properties — from the rapid ISIS advance.  Support for the Yazidi religious minority — a group that combines teachings from the ancient teachings of Zoroastrianism and Islam as well as other influences — is in part a side effect of those operations.

Both President Obama and Pope Francis have called, in the last 48 hours, for humane treatment of the Yazidi and respect for their traditions. But, as my good friend and colleague in Oneness, Harvey Kraft, reminds me, what we need is for the Pope and all the other world religious leaders to point out that, “God Is Peace! So Killing People Is Killing God!” This would put an immediate end to such barbarism carried out in the name of religion.

It is, as I have said so many times, impossible to be angry with, let alone do violence to, one with whom one feels a Oneness, a deep empathy. Only by allowing ourselves to see the “Other” as different and separate can we be angry with and hate him or her and, thus, kill in the name of our God.

God is Love. God is Peace. God is All That Is. We are Love. We are Peace. We are All That Is. Amen.


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