Oneness and the Body

It occurred to me recently as I was trying to explain the basic Truth of Oneness to someone, that only if you believe you are your body can you fail to accept your Divine Oneness.

After all, the evidence of our senses strongly suggests that these “others” we see and hear and touch and encounter around us are indeed completely separate entities. There is, in fact, not one shred of sensory evidence to suggest the validity of Oneness teachings.

But if we understand ourselves as transcending our physical bodies — and, by extension, come to see others as transcending their physical bodies — then we can at least conceptualize the notion that some force or presence which is undetectable by our five physical senses comprises at least part if not the entirety of our essence. Not only does reaching such a conclusion empower us to absorb the idea of Oneness, it also provides us the perfect justification, if we need one, for ignoring or overriding the evidence of our physical senses that continues to suggest that we are in fact separate.

For those of us who wish to convince our fellow spiritual beings of their essential Oneness, then, it seems the most fruitful near-term intellectual path might well be to focus on the non-physical sense in which we can be said to exist at all. This would imply studying such things as the subtle body, energy healing, intuition, and other epiphenomena that suggest the wisdom of transcending the physical.

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