“Power of I AM” Book

i-am-book-png-210x300Dan’s first published spiritual book teaches you how to use the I AM power phrase in your life.

Whatever you say after you say ‘I AM,’ triggers the Universe to align its energies and powers behind helping you achieve that goal. This means that the deliberate and intentional use of your I AM power can bring you anything you want in life: peace, love, joy, prosperity, health… But it also means that its unconscious, unintended use can attract into your life things that you don’t want.

This book features an inspired meditation to help you focus clearly on your goals and desires using I AM. It also provides not only practical advice about the appropriate and sustaining use of your I AM Power but also some spiritual and historical context for the phrase.

If you don’t yet own The Power of I AM, please visit the book’s Web site where you can read a sample chapter, watch a video trailer, and order the book in electronic or paper format.

If you own the book, or even if you don’t, you can download a sample three-stanza meditation focusing on Love, Truth and Light, here.

Click this download icon:

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for a list of the more than 50 topics for which I’ve prepared pre-recorded one-minute meditations.

You can also purchase MP3 any or all of the recordings of these 50+ meditations by clicking here.

Finally, you can download a PDF form with which you can create your own I AM meditation topics by clicking below.

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