Praying “for” Others

As part of my beliefs and teachings about Oneness, I sometimes find myself in a quandary to know and explain how to pray for other beings in Divine Mind Consciousness. The old style of beseeching prayer — what I call the “cosmic bellhop” model of ordering God about the Universe directing him to help and heal this and that one — is clearly out of alignment with my beliefs. Yet, I am often asked to pray for someone who is experiencing a challenge or concern.

In those situations, I find it best to use my preferred method of affirmative prayer. The Daily Word, which I read nearly every day, summarized this process so beautifully this morning that I’m just going to report what they offer.

“I begin by aligning my heart and mind with God. I awaken to the presence of peace, wholeness, abundance, and strength within. My prayer acknowledges and confirms these same qualities in myself and the one for whom I pray. I complete my sacred prayer time with gratitude, releasing any attachment to specific results. Divine Presence knows what others need and fulfills those needs the best way possible.”

Prayer is not for Spirit, which never changes nor needs to. It is for us, to align with Source and Its will in all things. Acknowledging that I am always and only part of Oneness, I can feel I have brought to bear the best energy I can bring to the situation.


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