Separation is the Root Cause of So Many Problems; Oneness is the Solution

A good friend and fellow spiritual seeker sent me an email yesterday in which she described herself as being “beside myself” with concern over the world situation, the recent Orlando Pulse massacre, the bewildering rise of Donald Trump, and everything else going on in the world. In response, I wrote:
“Beside yourself” is a good place to be, provided you can remember: There’s Only One of Us Here. All of the problems we face as a race are driven from fear, which originates in our belief in our separation and our aloneness in the Universe. As the race consciousness is now being elevated to a comprehension of our essential unity with one another and with All That Is, these problems will disappear because their foundation will have crumbled.
That’s not to say we just leave the problems unaddressed; to the contrary. But we approach always from the perspective of spiritual solutions. These problems did not arise overnight; they will not be erased overnight. But as humanity reaches a tipping point of Oneness recognition and embrace, they will become more tractable and subject to resolution.
I firmly and absolutely affirm and believe the Truth of that observation.
While it is true that incidents such as these often lead to divisiveness over what the real problem is and how to solve it, it is also true that they bring people together in ways that would lie fallow in the absence of some event forcing us to pay attention to the underlying spiritual malady. There are always 9/12 moments. New bonds are formed, furthering the unification of humanity. New resources come forth to address such problems. Excitement and passion abound on all sides of the issue around which the event arises.
It is our calling as spiritual seekers and believers in the evolution of human consciousness to remind one another and the world of the positive outcomes that can arise if we allow them room. It is also our job to participate in the great conversations about the causes of these problems and to insist that the spiritual perspective be included as an integral part of any resolution.

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