To Whom Should a Prayer in Oneness Be Addressed?

The question to whom we should address our prayers if we are Oneness followers comes up quite frequently in my conversations with others and with my students and coaching clients. It turns out the answer is simpler than we might think.

I’ve heard a great many prayers uttered publicly by people who at least believe that Oneness is Truth and that have been addressed to: God, Mother, Father, Mother-Father, Divine Mind, Spirit, Heavenly Father, and dozens of other ways. The perceived need to address our prayers to someone or something is a natural result of our understanding prayer to be at least to some degree petitionary. In other words, we see prayer as asking for something that we perceive that we lack and that can be supplied by a force or personage outside ourselves.

That general approach to prayer is wrong-headed.

The Unity Truth movement teaches a technique called Affirmative Prayer. Some people call it Gratitude Prayer. Rather than asking for something, these prayers acknowledge the presence and reality of that “something” in the Now and express gratitude for its arrival. This is simply the process of turning affirmations into prayer language.

If you use this prayer model (and I encourage you to at least try it) or if you enjoy and benefit from creating and stating affirmations, or if you are a student of my I AM work and know how to use that form of affirmative prayer, then the answer to this question is simply, “No one.” There is no need to address anyone. Your “communication” is with One Mind Consciousness, the One Mind that is All There Is and of which you are a vital and integral part. When you think any thought, it is being thought in One Mind. It exists only in One Mind. Which means it is everywhere present.

I offer this in the knowing that it will help at least one person to become more comfortable with affirmative prayer as an effective means of spiritual advancement and fulfillment.

And so it is.


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