Wonderful Insights on Interconnectedness of Religions

In an article from the Huffington Post today, Bernard Starr provides some interesting artwork from a forthcoming book by artist Hugh Colmer designed to disturb some common misconceptions about the separateness of religions and the misunderstood teachings of their founders.

Colmer’s Pinterest board has a ton of these images already so while the book may offer some additional useful insights, you can already get a taste for his work and his teachings from his board. Here’s one of my favorites:


If you read the original Huffington Post piece, I encourage you to at least scan the comments. The irrational vitriol and bigotry evident in a significant portion of those messages staggers the imagination. The compassion and insight of the original columnist are meet with anger, ad hominem attacks and screed with very few reasoned or evidence-based replies in sight. It is that ignorance that we who are of an Interspiritual mind set are up against as we try to spread our message of peace, love, hope and compassion.

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